Policy on Copyrights & Permissions

The materials presented on this website are made publicly available by the Austin Fanzine Project for non-commercial uses such as education, scholarship, research, teaching, and private study.

The Austin Fanzine Project has made an effort to identify all possible rights holders, but the nature of historical archival and manuscript collections often makes it difficult to determine the copyright status of every item, or part of an item. Therefore, some of the current rights holders remain unknown. The Austin Fanzine Project does not hold the copyright for many of the materials made available here.* The user is solely responsible for determining the copyright status of any material he or she may wish to use, investigating the owner of the copyright and obtaining written permission for any intended use, or determining the applicability of any statutory exemptions. Copyright compliance is the responsibility of the user.

The Austin Fanzine Project would like to learn more about these fanzines and is eager to hear from any copyright owners who believe we have not properly attributed their work or have used it without authorization. Please contact us at afdtip@gmail.com so that we may make the necessary corrections.

This policy was adapted from policies developed by Syracuse University Library and Cornell’s Kheel Center. Please send comments & suggestions regarding the improvement of this policy to afdtip@gmail.com.


* We plan to post custom rights information for individual titles. As of February 2013, only one title, Geek Weekly #1 is online, and it is posted (and free to download) under a Creative Commons license.