UT iSchool Capstone Projects

Kevin Powell – Spring 2013 – Policy & FAQ Building

Powell assisted with policy research and drafted project FAQs. More info on his project is here in an iSchool blog post, and here on his personal blog.

Kristin Bongiovanni – Spring 2014 – Mapping

Bongiovanni used indexed places from the transcription project to explore mapping tools. See more about her project on her blog.

Kate Neptune – Summer 2014 – Describing People to Visualize Communities

Neptune created network visualizations based on information from the 1990s “alternative” music scene. See a sample visualization here.

Lizzie Seiple – Summer 2015 – Zine Collection Website Redesign for UT’s Fine Arts Library

Seiple surveyed zine researchers and other users to determine what they want from an online interface. She created wireframes for this site, the user tested and refined them. Her recommendations report is useful for any zine collection looking to better serve its remote users.

Melissa Roberts – Spring 2016 – Platform Selection for the Portal to Austin Music History

Roberts considered various online platforms to determine the best tool for building the Portal to Austin Music History. She determined that a customized installation of Omeka.org, much like that developed for the initial prototype, would meet most of the project’s needs. 

Kristin Sullivan –Spring 2016 – Using an Omeka Exhibit to Inspire Community Contributions

Sullivan wireframed, user tested, and iterated an online exhibit designed to engage the community and solicit contributions of metadata, and digital objects. You can read all about Kristin’s project on her website.

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