Phase Two: Geek Weekly #2-10 (test run)

(Goals) This phase focuses on testing workflow, establishing policy guidelines, and working out initial crowdsourcing issues.

(Access) Download your very own PDF copy of Geek Weekly #2 here: (Part 1Part 2). Downloading is encouraged under a Creative Commons license. For more information, see the Project’s Policy on Copyrights & Permissions.

(Transcription & Indexing) Geek Weekly #2 was posted on FromThePage and opened for public transcription (yeah, by you!) on 29 July 2013. As each issue is completed, a new one will be posted, so get transcribin’!

(Progress) AFP Phase Two was lucky enough to receive intern-type assistance from Kevin Powell, a recent graduate of UT’s iSchool. Kevin’s work on the Fanzine Project served as his capstone, or “professional experience project.” In addition to acting as an invaluable sounding board, Kevin also explored various policy and workflow options for AFP, and ended up writing the bulk of the FAQ page published during the spring of 2013.

In other news, May 2013 found Mr. Powell & I giving two presentations at professional conferences. First, on 7 May, we presented at the Texas Conference for Digital Libraries alongside Jeremy Brett of Texas A&M University (where he’s working on a sci-fi fanzine digitization project). Later, on 23 May, we presented at the Society of Southwest Archivists annual meeting. This time I organized a panel about crowdsourcing (slides!) which included Ben Brumfield (the developer of the FromThePage transcription software AFP uses) discussing crowdsourced transcription platforms, and Micah Erwin, of the Harry Ransom Center, showing off his Ransom Center Fragments project. And coming up, on 20 September, I will be presenting on the project again at UNT’s Digital Frontiers conferenceI’ll be teaming up with Jeremy Brett again for this one.

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