Phase One: Geek Weekly #1 (pilot)

(Goals) This initial, exploratory phase used minimal planning and investment in an attempt to quickly work out a workflow for the digitization, transcription & indexing of a single issue (Geek Weekly #1), by a single person (me), who is also its creator. My goal was to complete this phase by 1 August 2012. I got close: I mostly-finished over winter break 2012-13 but, as of April 2013, I’m still finishing up little bits (like editing this blog post). Keep an eye on the blog for progress updates. A final report will be available here sometime in the fall. For information on my vision for the future (phases) of this project, see this blog post.

(Access) Download your very own PDF copy of Geek Weekly #1 here! Downloading is encouraged under a Creative Commons license. For more information, see the Project’s Policy on Copyrights & Permissions.

(Transcription & Indexing) Geek Weekly #1 is available for transcription and indexing! almost completely transcribed & indexed! Click here to go to to see what the interface looks like. Geek Weekly #2 & #3 will be posted on or about after 1 June, 2013. Check back then if you’re interested in transcribing more…